A platform that puts privacy as priority,
staying on the right side of regulation


Safe passage for data intelligence across the advertising ecosystem

Smartpipe’s platform was built with two objectives in mind – first, how do we help companies keep personal data secure and safe whilst generating incremental revenue, and second, how do we help advertisers reach their precise target audience whilst eliminating wastage and ad-fraud.

Our answer? An in-network solution that integrates behind a data controller's firewall to sync audience segments to our patented ‘snowflake’ identifier. Our platform strips personal data and creates data intelligence, then harnesses that intelligence by distributing our snowflake safely through the advertising ecosystem.

Data stays, intelligence moves.

Our platform in action - the simple explanation

Audience Build

Smartpipe’s platform receives a request to identify specific audiences from advertisers via either a supply or demand side-platform.

We then use first party-data to sync the request and build the audience segment, removing personal data and transforming it into audience intelligence. This process is completed within the data controller's network and carried out safely behind their firewall. Once an impression is identified, we are then ready to go.

Transforming Intelligence

When the user requests a web page or an app, an ad impression is created which initiates a call into Smartpipe’s platform.

At this point we apply a unique non-persistent ‘snowflake’ identifier to enable the ad ecosystem (DSP and SSP) to safely access the audience intelligence, place a bid and fulfil a one-off ad-transaction. As each ‘snowflake’ transaction is completely unique, no static ‘ID’ is created which can be used to build profiles outside of the data controller.

Privacy First

Upon ad placement completion, the ability to use the snowflake identifier evaporates, meaning the advertiser has just reached their target audience without receiving data, therefore protecting privacy. This means everyone can be confident that with Smartpipe, they are adhering to even the most stringent privacy regulations.

We put people back in control of their data

We have built our technology on a foundation of privacy first. Our patented unique non-persistent snowflake identifier only links to real-time data intelligence delivered at the point of use, not data which can be unraveled and stored beyond its original consented purpose.

We keep the ad ecosystem clean of personal data, meaning that if consent is changed or removed, we can implement immediately - at source - with no data breadcrumbs to sweep up.

Our platform stays on the right side of regulation.

In-network integration so no data moved beyond data controller's firewall

Audience request synced to audience segments behind controller's firewall

Snowflake identifier is unique and non-persistent for safe passage into ad ecosystem

No match tables, device IDs or cookies required

Data controller retains full control

Ability to re-use snowflake evaporates once ad request has been fulfilled

An audience that is ready to go in true real time

Most ad tech requires audiences to be matched using device ID’s and cookies, then to report back with audiences that have been identified and are available. With Smartpipe this does not happen.

Once our technology has received the audience request from the advertiser, automatic offline audience syncing occurs, making it ready to go as that audience becomes available in real-time.

This means we do not waste precious time trying to uncover whether that audience meets the precise criteria to be served an ad – we are lined up and ready to go.

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