Maximise the value of your first party data intelligence whilst
maintaining privacy as priority

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Smartpipe is the only partner who can truly leverage telco data intelligence securely in new environments

Our patented technology enables telcos to unlock the value of first party data intelligence across advertising ecosystems, without ever moving the data outside of the firewall.

This creates extraordinary opportunities for first party data controllers to safely;

Generate Incremental Revenue

Maximise Business Strategy Results

Purpose built for telcos

Our platform was developed by telco industry experts who know that customers always come first. That is why everything we do is focused on maximising your revenue and wider business opportunities, whilst protecting the data you have been entrusted with, and ensuring you are 100% in control of the data, 100% of the time.

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Data stays, intelligence moves

We remove the risk of compromising customer data by keeping personal information protected and behind the data controller firewall.

Our exclusive integrated in-network solution translates profile attributes into audience segments, which are distributed using our patented, unique non-persistent ‘snowflake’ identifier.

Once the snowflake’s safe passage is completed and the purpose achieved, the ability to re-use the audience segments is removed.

This means;

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Success Story: How a telco achieved 50% uplift in ROI

Turkey’s leading mobile operator wanted to target existing female customers to promote their new smartphone app. Rather than low-impact SMS messaging or emails, the telco engaged women across the open mobile web and in-app using Smartpipe enable media to implement the data intelligence from their own verified audiences. As a result, the campaign returned a 50% uplift in return-on-investment and delivered an 82% uplift in CTR during the campaign.

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