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Technology that is grounded in reality

Smartpipe works with first party data partners who operate the most stringent authentication filters to ensure that audiences are solely built based on data intelligence that is real.

Not assumptive, not probabilistic… but data that is deterministic and real.

This means advertisers can be confident that we only deliver brand experiences directly to their specific target audience, providing the best opportunity to deliver advertising that resonates.

Our advertising promise to you

Real People

Real Connection

Real Time

Real Results

Data stays, intelligence moves

Our technology transforms first-party deterministic data into precise audience intelligence, informing accurate advertising placements safely across the advertising and programmatic ecosystems, without ever compromising personal information.

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We treat privacy as priority

We create audience segments for campaign requests behind the firewall, thereby negating the need to use a data management platform and protecting data from daisy chain exportation through multiple DMPs

Keeping data behind the firewall means consumers always have one access point to stay in control of their data - any revisions to consent can be acted upon immediately

This means advertisers can engage their target audience whilst ensuring they adhere to regulations and protect their brand reputation

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Success Story: Niffler, Turkey

Games development studio, Niffler launched their new game ‘Cubiti Parti’ to the Turkish market in 2019. Their objective was to reach a broad ‘tech generation’ to drive play. Working with Smartpipe, they created 10 audience segments based on age, gender, device and tech enthusiasm using deterministic data intelligence. We then measured the engagement levels using these groups as the proxy to deliver a final insight report that would be used as the base for further marketing planning.

Overall, we discovered:

iOS users 19-29 years old generated 50% more ROI than other segments

75% higher click-through-rate where Smartpipe deterministic data was used

Younger Android users showed 35% less engagement

All these insights aided Niffler with their future marketing strategies.

“The authenticity of the audience and accuracy of the demographics of the respondents was paramount in this test, we are very satisfied with the level of response and accuracy generated in such a short time”

Barn Cleave, CEO, Niffler

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