Pioneering the era of personalisation
without personal data

Purpose built for telcos
Data stays, intelligence moves

Deterministic data intelligence that
takes the guesswork out of advertising

Unlocking the value of first party data intelligence for better, safer business opportunities

We empower brands to reach their audience through real-time data intelligence. Smartpipe’s breakthrough patented technology enables real-time network audience syncing to ad campaign requests, in a way that is both secure and privacy compliant.

Solutions for Telcos

Our platform was developed by telco industry experts who know that customers come first. That is why everything we do is focused on maximising your revenue and wider business opportunities, whilst protecting the data you have been trusted with and ensuring you are 100% in control of the data, 100% of the time.

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Solutions for Advertisers

We provide marketers with first-party data intelligence to supercharge their advertising campaigns safely, without ever compromising personal data.

We build audience segments using data intelligence that is not assumptive, not probabilistic - but data intelligence that is deterministic and real.

This means advertisers reach their precise audiences at unparalleled accuracy, with zero wastage and zero server side ad-fraud, resulting in better overall campaign performance, more effective marketing strategies and higher return on investment.

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Privacy as priority platform

Smartpipe’s revolutionary platform removes the risk of compromising customer data by keeping personal information protected and behind the data controller firewall.

Our exclusive integrated in-network solution translates profile attributes into audience segments which are applied to our unique non-persistent snowflake identifier in real-time. The snowflake alone is guided across the ad ecosystem using a secure distributed data process and exchanged for associated segments at point of use. Once the snowflake’s safe passage is completed, the ability to re-use the intelligence is removed.

No data management platforms, no data daisy chains, no data breadcrumbs left around the ecosystem. Just privacy compliance and great performing campaigns.

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How we are different to everyone else

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Leveraging data intelligence to create tangible business opportunities

Helping data controllers use their CRM to safely open up new business and improve customer strategy.

A platform that delivers privacy as priority

Our privacy-first platform creates intelligent “snowflake” tokens to activate single ad-transactions only. Once the snowflake token has fulfilled its purpose, it evaporates.

Data owner retains 100% control

Customers are in control of their consent and data usage. No data transfer means that if consent is changed or removed, application is easy. No data breadcrumbs to sweep up, just privacy compliance and absolute control.

Offline audience to ad syncing for real-time delivery

We sync audiences to requests behind the firewall, so we are primed and ready to go at the point of execution.

Technology set for the future

Our technology is built for a world without cookies or device-ID’s, and will only grow stronger as 5G takes off.

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