Intelligent Identification: the key to unlocking customer data value

Smartpipe revolutionises the world of network data monetisation. Our breakthrough patented technology enables real-time network data profile matching that’s both secure and privacy compliant.

Quality customer data intelligence on a global scale

Smartpipe creates a global, real-time, privacy compliant and completely secure data ecosystem linking network operators to data platforms by delivering the highest quality customer data profiles.

Verify, Authenticate, Identify

Smartpipe's Intelligent Identification system makes it easy for data-hungry businesses to access enriched customer profile attributes. It's built around legally proven identity to verify that a user is real, authenticate that a user is who they say they are and identify how someone behaves and what attributes they have.

High quality customer information on a global scale

Through the Smartpipe platform, network operators’ quality customer information is available on a global scale.

Verify, Authenticate, Identify
Unlocking The Power

Unlocking the power of network
operator data

In today's data-driven world, businesses depend on accurate, up-to-date customer profiles to deliver relevant, personalised services.

Network operators are in a unique position. As a result of the intelligence gathered through their networks, they hold one of the richest sources of raw customer data. By linking this data to a verified, anonymised identity, it becomes incredibly powerful.

Maximise the value of customer data

The Smartpipe ecosystem enables network operators to securely maximise the value of their data assets across a wide range of data platforms and use cases, while ensuring that customer privacy and permissions are protected at all times.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Financial Services

Financial Services






Publishers and Apps


Customer data always stays within the operator's network

Privacy at our core

Smartpipe believes that people should own and control their own data, even where local regulations are yet to be updated. As trusted global brands, network operators are well placed to earn customer consent for responsible, value-creating use of their data.

Data remains secure in the network

Smartpipe's unique technology platform ensures that raw customer data always remains within the network operator's secure network environment and is never passed into the cloud or shared with third parties.

100% privacy compliant

Smartpipe only processes customer data fields where privacy permission has been granted to the network operator or the data platform. It is impossible for data platforms to derive and scrape customer data profiles when data is accessed through Smartpipe's proprietary and patent-protected technology.

Smartpipe benefits all players in the data monetisation ecosystem

Network Operators

Network operators

Smartpipe enables network operators to monetise their customer data in the most secure and privacy compliant way.

Data Platforms

Data platforms

Smartpipe provides secure access to the highest quality customer data on a global scale.



Smartpipe ensures that your data is only used where you have given required consent. Smartpipe enables more personalised, targeted and engaging digital services.